• Gayatri Chatterjee
    We all love to wear jewellery right? Now, you must have noticed that sometimes almost nothing seems to look good on you, you feel like you look really bad ( even though we don't like to admit that in public) you keep thinking about what is wrong.
    Is it the make-up? No!
    Is it the dress? No!
    Is it the hair? No! No! No!
    So, what is it?
    It is the jewellery.
    You see, THE LOOK can be achieved by pairing right make-up and accessories for YOU . Now, why did I put a big stress on YOU ?
    It's simple, you see, your body shape and face shape influences the kind of jewellery and clothes you may wear, that will suit you.

    Round face shape
    If your face shape is round, that means your face is the centre of attention. Also, it covers quite a lot of space. So, you should try to avoid heavy earrings or any sort of baggy jewellery which may add on to the space/ area already covered by your face. Instead, try to use the area already covered for using jewellery and make-up. For example, use a nath or a maang teeka . This will bring the observer's attention to your face and you will look ramp ready .

    Square face shape
    If you have a squarish face, don't worry or work yourself too much. Simply wear stud earrings or head gears like, a small crown or maybe a hairpin. It will make your face look dynamic and set you apart from the rest of the crowd. This look will make all others jealous. They might even try to avoid coming close to you. But, don't panic. Trust me, you'll be the show stopper.

    Diamond face shape
    Have a diamond face shape and confused about what jewellery to wear?
    Don't worry, we've got you covered. Simply avoid wearing quadrilateral designs! It will bring too much attention to your face shape instead of your beauty. Wear hoops, jhumkas, or any sort of floral patterned jewellery. It will brighten your face and make it look more radiant.

    Heart face shape
    Having a heart shaped face means, your forehead is the centre of attention. To reduce this and beautify the face as a whole, wear heavy bottomed earrings. They will make the lower half of your face more prominent and try to avoid wearing headwears which seek a lot of attention.

    Oval face shape
    It is said that having an oval face shape is a gift, since you can pretty much wear any sort of jewellery you want. An oval shaped face does not draw too much attention and you can pair up almost all sorts of jewellery to match your taste. Be it studs, hoops, jhumkas, loops, choker or an extravagant headwear. It will always seem just enough.

    So, these were the few common types of face shapes and the kinds of jewellery you can wear with them. Hope this post will be of great help.
  • nitya aggarwal
    This is a new thing that I got to learn today, I didn't know that "jewellery according to face shape" is an anything to know before buying jewellery. I tried this and what I think is that it really works. It's not like it changed me completely but it definitely suits my personality.
  • varsha negi
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  • sushant gupta
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  • sushant gupta
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