• Gayatri Chatterjee
    Types of jewellery
    In India, jewellery is called a woman's pride and treasure. The various kinds of jewellery which is worn on numerous occasions are simply too many to be counted. But, today we shall see the few basic types of jewellery.

    These are the only ones that can complete THE LOOK without the help of any other jewellery! Be it a simple errand to run, a huge business meeting, a big fat wedding, a girl's night out or a sleepover… earrings can be worn at every occasion. Infact, it's a must. Without earrings, something seems to be missing. There are various kinds of earrings too, but let's not get into finer details today, since this is an overview of the various kinds of jewellery. Following pictures prove my statement. All the earrings can be found on the company website.jqigo7pdch87i7lm.jpg

    Nose pin
    In many parts of India, it is believed that wearing a nose pin is a sign of being married. Some also believe that getting one's nose pierced is a way of paying respect to Goddess Parvati. These are some of the many customs that are followed in our varied country. We love them just as they are. Well, nowadays people wear them anyway. Infact, it is the IN THING. Wearing nose pins has become a matter of style! The following designs are also available on the website for a better view...v6ddbvo7z3p7y0n0.jpg

    Now,we come to finger rings.

    Finger rings
    Again, jewellery means it is bound to have many subdivisions. But, here we have to restrict ourselves to the basic types. So, most women take special care while buying their ENGAGEMENT RING , right? Well, people wear finger rings at many other occasions as well. Like when wearing it with a gemstone ( check out the wonderful gemstone collection from the website, it is totally authentic and of top quality). Obviously, these are not the only reasons why people wear rings. They wear it simply because it looks really pretty on the finger. That's good enough a reason to check out the superb designs on the website.

    To be honest, I am in love with the designs on the website! Each of them are unique and beautiful in their own way. It is difficult to scroll past these designs. My advice- don't scroll past them, own them! Both your heart and your mind will be at peace. Not only that, a little pendant seems to fit in perfectly in every occasion, does it not?
    Last but not the least, bracelets!

    With everything well kept and decorated, all that is left are your beautiful hands. They
    deserve equal care and affection. So, why not adorn them with beautiful bracelets?o06evsj22sd610pb.jpg

    See more of the collection on the website.
    That's all for this post! Hope you liked it.
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    Looks like a perfect place to visit before proposing...!
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